Family owned & operated for over 30 years.

Established in 1958, the farm was set up in the late 50’s by Frank Parkes. There was no commercial farming of trout in Australia at that time and was instrumental in shaping Australia’s trout industry.  Today, Australia produces approximately 1500-2000 tonnes of trout each year, with approximately 85% of Australia’s trout grown in the Murrindindi & Upper Goulburn regions of Victoria.

Our Story

A self sufficient farm – we do all of our own breeding, hatching, growing & processing. Our fish & produce is then distrubuted through wholesale fish markets throughout the country as well as to local restaurants and wineries of The Yarra Valley. Our world famous Mountain Ash Smoked Trout & Hand-Milked Caviar are our farms specialities and were even featured on Masterchef!
We grow approximately 80 tons of fish per year, the majority being for the wholesale and restaurant market and the rest for people who come fishing here at our farm. The fishing lakes and streams are surrounded by tall native gum trees.  There are a variety of different ponds including large trout (500g -4kg), medium trout (300g-500g), Atlantic salmon (2kg-5kg) and a challenge lake (lightly stocked). Our friendly staff are more than happy to help you catch a fish, and will clean your fish and pack it on ice for you to take home or cook here using our BBQ facilities for a fresh lunch. 
We enjoy seeing generations of family return to the farm to catch their unforgettable first fish. 

Sustainable Farming

We are committed to producing Rainbow Trout and Atlantic Salmon in a sustainable and environmentally friendly process. 

Established Environment

The farm has been here for over 50 years and time has shown an established reputation for having no negative impact on the river &  environment surrounding the farm.

Our farm is home to many creature great and small. You can find eagles, echidna, platypus, yabbies & frogs to name a few! These are ecological indicators – letting us know our impact on the environment & habitat of native wildlife.

Our Ponds & Water Supply

We grow our fish in limited quantities ensuring there is enough space in each pond for the fish to live & grow comfortably.

Here in Buxton we have the Stevenson’s  Rainbow trout require cold, clean water in order to survive, if water temperatures start to exceed 25 degrees the fish start to die, which is why our region’s cool clean rivers and streams provide the perfect place to grow trout.

Fish Feed

Our feed is purchased from Skretting, in Australia there are only 2 major feed companies to choose from, we chose Skretting as their feed has a better FCR (Feed conversion rate), on average to produce 1kg of trout we will need 1.1kg of fish feed. Feed Conversion Rate is very important to us as it dictates the sustainability of trout and salmon farming, and fish feed is also our biggest cost.

No antibiotic chemicals or growth hormones are used on our farm.